Upper Paraná, the best place to chase a big Golden Dorado

Pinti’s Dorados on the Fly Lodge is located in northern Argentina on the dense, jungle banks of the Upper Paraná River, the natural boundary dividing Argentina and Paraguay.

This large, clear-water river holds healthy numbers of golden Dorado, Pacu, and Pirá pitá. The upper Paraná has some of the most prolific fish numbers, and opportunities for large dorado, and other exotic species on the fly. Not only will anglers sight cast to golden dorado, but the dry fly fishing for Pirá pytá and Pacú can be phenomenal. Pinti is recognized by locals as a pioneer of fly fishing the upper Paraná River, which has allowed him to select an elite team of guides and strategically locate the lodge on the most productive section of the river.

Pinti's lodge
  • South America
  • Argentina
  • Corrientes Province
  • Itá Ibaté
  • Coordinates: -27.42197323319466, -57.321387575129954
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Dorado in the area average 6 to 8 pounds and anglers have legitimate opportunities at fish in the 30 pounds. range, with a few in the 40 pounds class.

In a week of fishing, proficient anglers can expect to find lots of action on all three species and have great chances of fish in the double-digit range.

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Sight fishing is the most enjoyable way to fish for golden Dorado, Pira pytá and Pacú.

The Rio Parana certainly offers this style of fishing as it’s typically gin clear throughout the fishing season.

However, searching the drop-offs and fishing to structure with streamers can be an excellent way to find big fish, and this river definitely holds them – fish within the 20-30 pound range are possible.

The Parana is a huge body of water with an endless number of channels, flats, and structured banks to provide anglers with various options and locations to fish throughout the week without fishing the same location twice.

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